Wireless Infrastructure 

Wireless connections have been known around the world for a long time. 

Wireless connections or those acquainted with the name Wireless use frequencies depend on field of service  such as for Telecommunications, Corporate, Broadcasting, Military etc.

Currently, the wireless connection found is a connection using a frequency of 2.4 GHZ and 5.8 Ghz which is a frequency that is free given by the government for use as long as the wireless network device has been certified by the Frequency Regulation Agency . 

Wireless Connection  is a good alternative for data communication during problems in the provision of data cables or is used as a backup to the main network used.

Wireless network is also required for many devices used for automation in business operations such as Wireless for Barcode Systems, Wireless Tracking, IoT, Printing and many more.

The development of wireless is very advanced and there are already many wireless devices that vary greatly in terms of price and technology. 

Every Notebook, Mobile Phone, Appliance is now equipped with Wireless Connection using WIFI.

WIFI is now so advanced that there are already many places, both Public and Private, which are equipped with WiFi access, there are even cities that provide free WiFi access for their residents, because now data communication has become a primary need of every community in the world.

Broadband Internet using a Mobile Phone which is equipped with data access and Wireless Communication has become a lifestyle , where all communication activities, data  and many application applications can be run using a mobile phone. 

Using of Wireless is often must be balanced with good policies and knowledge, especially regarding data security systems, because there is often hijacking by irresponsible parties using insecure wireless.

Wireless Site Survey 

To ensure the performance of wireless installations in Buildiung or Open Area ,  detailed survey is needed that determines the success rate of wireless network installation in an area.

Wireless Survey uses software and devices that already have a standard, where the layout of a building or area to be carried out by wireless installation will be mapped using the application software so that there are no blank spots and ensure the quality of the wireless connection at each point so that users are located. nearby will not lose the wireless network connection.

Installer and IT Contractor will follow Output of "Wireless Site Survey"  and we guaranty 100% best perfomance for each connection . 

Wireless Site Survey will help IT Team to monitor all perfomance of Wireless and make preventive maintenance when found some spot have problem with connection.

With our Survey tools , we can design wireless connection map for any brand such as : Cisco, Aruba , Meraki , DCN , DLink and many more brand in the world .  

Indoor Wireless 

Site Survey need to guaranty connection perfomance for Number of Access Point , Signal Strenght and  Distance 

Site Survey

Choice the brand of wireless network and frequency to use in Installation for Access Point 


Use Wireless Controle to manage all access point in one Site 


Regulary make test and maintanance wireless network for preventive maintenance and Corective maintenance