IT Infrastructure 

The use of IT within a company cannot be separated from the infrastructure that connects IT devices.

IT infrastructure is divided into two, namely infrastructure that uses cables and infrastructure that does not use cables (wireless).

Infrastructure that uses cable generally uses UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Cable, Coaxial RG 58, Yellow Cable, DB25 Cable, USB etc., while Infrastructure that does not use Cable uses Wireless Networking Devices which is divided into 2 types, namely Indoor and Outdoor.

Good installation for both types of infrastructure will make the communication data that is passed good and there are no obstacles, but if there is an incorrect installation outside the standard it will cause big problems.

If there is a slow connection, then 75% of the problems are due to the infrastructure used.


Every company need a network connection to connects PCs, Notebooks, All in One PCs, Printers and Servers from one building, floor or site. Network Connection need a realiable and highquality data communication cable to guaranty the connection has good quality .

The Structured Cabling System in a company must be carried out with standards that have been recognized internationally so that the quality and level of confidence in network performance can be counted on.

The commonly type of cable to use for Structured Cabling System is Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Fiber Optic , where the use of the two types of cables is depend of environement , Geography , speed level  and Distance. 

PT. Sinergy Mediatek Informasi already have a lot of year Experiance with many customer for Structured Cabling Installation with International Standard EIA/TIA 568 A/B .  We work together with famous and high quality Brand in the world such as : Comscope, Belden, Panduit, NetConnect , Nexan and many more .  


UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) is very commonly used for data connections in a building or a place that connects a computer with a server or other computer called "Local Area Network (LAN) and in addition to LAN, it is also used for telephone, CCTV and other equipment connections requires a data connection.

UTP has been developing for a very long time and now it has reached Cat 6 /6A which can be used for large bandwidth. 

UTP installation uses standards that have been set internationally, namely TIA / EIA 568A/ 568B which guarantees the quality of the data connection generated via the data cable used.

Fiber Optic Cables 

Fiber Optic cables are used for connections that require high speed and are used for Long Distance Connection. 

Fiber Optic for Data Communication Cable use to connect City to City (Metronet), Manufacturing Area , University area, Data Center, Broadband internet and Poit to Point Connection in Telecomunication Service . 

Based on the type, Fiber Optic can be divided into 2 types : Single Mode Fiber Optic and Multi Mode Fiber Optic , where its use in various conditions depends on Environment , Distance , Geography , Fields of Service , Speed Level and many more.The price of Fiber Optic is now getting cheaper, so the best choice in the world of IT for backbones or connections that require high bandwidth is Fiber Optics.

We have experience in installing Fiber Optics in various existing conditions such as in buildings, large complexes, data centers and for Broadband Internet with Fiber to Home (FTTH)

Rack System 19" 

Structured Cabling System requires Rack System as a place to store the device and final termination of Installation UTP and Fiber Optic such as Patch Panel , Fiber Optic Termination Panel ,  Cable Management .

Rack Cabinet consists of various types and sizes which when grouped are divided into: Open Rack, Walmount Rack and Free Standing Rack where the sizes are divided into 5U, 8U, 15U, 20 U, 25U, 30 U, 40 U and 45 U .

Rack cabinet in the Structured Cabling System is also known as the 19 "Rack System where 19" is the standard size of equipment that can be installed in a rack.

Rack Cabinet  becomes important when the Data Center has become a fundamental requirement of large-scale companies, where the rack will be installed in the Data Center as a place for equipment such as network equipment, servers and storage. 

The number of racks that are used illustrates the magnitude of the need for computational data within the company concerned.  Data Center need High Perfomance rack with  good Airflow for Cooling System . 

Structure of Rack and Strengh of Rack very Important couse IT Equipment in to Put in rack in Data Centre have wheight more than 250 Kg per Rack .