Down Flow Type 

Down flow cooling systems are the most common design of data centre cooling systems, and are named as such due to the way the CRAC units handle the air, with hot exhaust air entering through the top, passing over the internal cooling systems within, before being ejected out of the bottom of the unit. CRAC units, or computer room air conditioning units, are configured as either Down Flow Plenum or Down Flow Front Displacement.

The overall design of your data centre cooling systems should be sized to the I.T. load, with the ability to expand without disruption to critical services which avoids energy wastage due to system losses. It is vital to build redundancy into your data centre cooling systems, as CRAC units require frequent servicing every 3 months as a minimum. Redundant systems provide additional resilience and facilitate repairs during maintenance checks.

It's paramount that down flow CRAC units are efficient and have a high sensible heat ratio (SHR), EC rated fans and electronic expansion values. Selecting the right cooling system will also have a significant effect on the PUE or DCiE.

Down Flow Plenum Data Centre Cooling Solutions

CRAC units positioned around the perimeter of the data centre provide cooling down into and through a raised access flooring system. The colder air then flows through floor grilles situated at the front of hardware cabinets. The hot exhaust air is then return back into the top of the CRAC units.

These can be set up using either:

DX or Direct Expansion

Using external condensers with copper pipe work, DX systems are considered the least efficient but offer the best resilience as every CRAC unit has its own pipe work and condenser. These data centre cooling solutions are most effective in smaller data centres and server rooms.

Air Cooled Condensers or Dry Air Coolers

Using external dry air coolers with steel pipework, they are a very efficient but a more costly cooling solution than DX. They are however, ideal for Hybrid DX or Chilled Water CRAC units combined with chillers. Their deployment is generally more suited to medium and large sized data centres.

Chillers & Free Cooling Chillers

External chilled water units with steel pipework, these cooling solutions are very efficient and excellent for chilled water CRAC units. Free cooling chillers come combined with a dry air cooler and so are ideal when external space is restricted. Chilled water data centre cooling systems are most suited to medium and large data centres.

InRow System

Floor Mount. The floor mount, inrow air conditioner couples the functionality of a perimeter CRAC (computer room air conditioner) unit with a significantly smaller footprint. These products are embedded in rows of data center cabinets, supporting a conventional hot aisle/cold aisle layout..

Smart Rack Cabinet

Edge computing does not require a special type of data center; there is no typical edge data center. In many cases, a very small data center is sufficient – one or just a few racks with a connected load of just a few kVA. A micro data center, in which all infrastructure systems required for IT operations are integrated.

 SmartCabinet is the recent iteration of such a micro data center – the complete infrastructure of a data center together in one cabinet. It includes an uninterruptible power supply, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and infrastructure management – consistently integrated, optimized, and developed from tried-and-tested components. The IT components can be started up after it has been set up, the cooling system has been installed, and the building power supply has been connected. SmartCabinet saves you planning and building effort and simplifies the operation of complex network and server rooms made up of individual components. This saves a considerable amount of the time it takes to start up compared with conventional methods of construction. SmartCabinet is preconfigured, largely preinstalled in the factory, and tested. This ensures that the entire system, along with its coordinated components, is ready for operation from the get go. .