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Down Flow Plenum Data Centre Cooling Solutions

CRAC units positioned around the perimeter of the data centre provide cooling down into and through a raised access flooring system. The colder air then flows through floor grilles situated at the front of hardware cabinets. The hot exhaust air is then return back into the top of the CRAC units.

These can be set up using either:

DX or Direct Expansion

Using external condensers with copper pipe work, DX systems are considered the least efficient but offer the best resilience as every CRAC unit has its own pipe work and condenser. These data centre cooling solutions are most effective in smaller data centres and server rooms.

Air Cooled Condensers or Dry Air Coolers

Using external dry air coolers with steel pipework, they are a very efficient but a more costly cooling solution than DX. They are however, ideal for Hybrid DX or Chilled Water CRAC units combined with chillers. Their deployment is generally more suited to medium and large sized data centres.

Chillers & Free Cooling Chillers

External chilled water units with steel pipework, these cooling solutions are very efficient and excellent for chilled water CRAC units. Free cooling chillers come combined with a dry air cooler and so are ideal when external space is restricted. Chilled water data centre cooling systems are most suited to medium and large data centres.