History of Axel in Indonesia 

Axel has been in Indonesia for more than 10 years and is used in several segments of public services in Indonesia.

When terminal technology or known as 'Dumb Terminal' is hard to find, some applications that are used for public services, such as: the Motor Vehicle Tax Application, are difficult to develop because they still use a Unix-based operating system using a connection that using DB 25 which is connected to Server Port. Applications running in "Text Base" mode become very slow when running on non-Unix/Linux based Platforms.

When these difficulties occur, we as a system integrator introduce "Axel" to our clients and Axel can answer all existing problems, so that public services are not disturbed.

With its ability to communicate with various Operating Systems, Axel is the right choice for Text-Based Public Service Applications and uses Open Source.

AXEL The Best Solutions Thin Clients Terminals

A thin client is a very small device like a tiny computer which is provided with “light” components. The thin client connects to a server through the network. The desktop of the server is shown via a remote desktop connection. Everyone works on the server and all data will be stored at the server. 

For companies with flexible workplaces are thin clients ideal because anyone can log on to any terminal. Permanent workplaces became unnecessary. 

Thin clients are small, save space and doesn’t contain any components that are subject to wear and tear. They therefore offer a much longer life and produce less background noises from fans and hard drives as with the usual PC’s. By using thin clients the speed of the network will increase and the server will be more stable. Thin clients provide high availability for all applications run centrally on a stable server. 

Furthermore, you will notice an increase in the available bandwidth because only screen content, keyboard commands and mouse clicks are sent between the thin client and the server.

Why switch to Axel thin client terminals?

Axel thin client terminals are not only faster than a pc but also a lot cheaper. The format of the Axel thin client is ideal to attach behind a TFT screen of easily placed under the monitor stand

  • Sustainability – Axel go at last for 10 years
    Work well in extreme conditions and various business environments
  • No fan needed and therefore no extra background noise
    Saving energy through reduced power consumption
  • Lower purchase price
  • Easy to manage which takes place from the server
  • No operating system and therefore no risk of infection by viruses, worms and trojans
  • Reducing of work interruptions by 80% because there is no failure due parts subject to wear and tear


When you have questions about our Axel thin clients please contact our specialists. They will assist you directly and answer your questions.

In the absence of an operating system on the thin client there is no risk of infection by a virus or trojan.

Handling of service
If you have questions or you need technical support on our products please contact us. We provide the entire handling of service for resellers and end users.

Providing a complete solution
Next to Axel thin clients we also provide a full solution. This total solution of Desktop as a Service consists an online workspace where you have access to all your business applications. No expensive licensing fees, always up-to-date and working in a safe environment. Check out our Desktop as a Service.

Distributor of the Indonesia
Whether you are an end user or reseller, you can rely on us. If you are a reseller you will benefit competitive reseller prices.

The following Axel Thin Client terminals can be ordered at For All IT located in The Indonesia 


  • No Operating System 
  • No Bios 
  • No Network Boot
  • Zero Virus Vulnerability 
  • Instant Booting 
  • 5-10 Watt Power Consumption

Axel design and manufacture innovative TCP/IP based Thin Client Terminals for Windows, Unix/Linux and AS/400 environments.
Axel products are unique in having no embedded operating system - setting a new benchmark for cost against performance, ease of use and reliability.

AX3000 Model 95

  •  802.11 a, b, g, n wireless interface (optional)
  • - Dual screen : VGA and DisplayPort++
  • - High resolution and "true color" mode
  • - RDP/ICA protocols for Windows
  • - Virtual Desktop (VMware View client & Citrix XEN Desktop)
  • - VNC protocol for Unix/Linux
  • - TCP/IP text connection to Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390

he M95 is targeted for use in adverse environments, being housed in a metal box, internal PSU with no cooling vents or fans to attract debris. With its powerful dual screen graphics capabilities it is aimed at  Windows and Citrix users though it still retains support for telnet and 5250. Wireless (802.11a,b,g,n) is an option....


The VESA mounting kit allows the terminal to be mounted on the rear of TFT monitors that have the 4 VESA mount screw holes available. This kit comes free with each product. 

The security kit contains an extra plate and two security screws that prevent the terminal from being removed without the use of a special tool. 

The security kit contains an extra plate and two security screws that prevent the terminal from being removed without the use of a special tool. 

Converts terminal’s RJ45 serial ports into same gender and pin-out as a PC com1 port 

Converts terminal’s RJ45 serial ports to same gender and pin-out as a std serial ASCII terminal 

PS/2 to Mini-Din Keyboard Converter
Converts PS/2 port to As/400 5250 keyboard connector (clip type) 

The M90 and M95 terminals are equipped with two video ports: VGA and DisplayPort.
This adapter allows you to connect a DVI monitor to the DisplayPort port. 

This USB adapter offers two audio jacks (in / out). It allows the connection of all audio devices (headset / microphone, loudspeaker, microphone, etc.) to the M80 and M85 and M95 terminals (which do not have a jack audio plug). 

The M90 and M95 terminals are equipped with two video ports: VGA and DisplayPort.
This adapter allows you to connect a HDMI monitor to the DisplayPort port. 

Axel Installation Requirement

  • Infrastucure UTP with Structured Cabling System Standard Installation 
  • Layer 2 or Layer 3 Networking 
  • Open Source Operating System Such as Linux Red Het, Debian, Unix and More 
  • Server and Storage 
  • If You are Using Windows need Citix Server and RDP License to Connect .
  • Optional Wireles System for Network Backup 
  • UPS for Electrical Backup